Rosemary can alleviate stress, improve memory loss and prevent dandruff and alopecia -
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Rosemary can alleviate stress, improve…
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Rosemary can alleviate stress, improve memory loss and prevent dandruff and alopecia

June 29, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Before the advent of the pharmaceutical industry, as we know it today, skilled practitioners had always used herbal and medicinal remedies to treat ailments, alleviate symptoms, and heal various types of diseases.

Among the many precious elements provided by mother nature, rosemary is one of the oldest and most widespread aromatic plants in the world.

This perennial shrub has been used for centuries to treat different health conditions, and here in detail are which ones and in how many ways rosemary can be effective.

NB: The advice we give you can NEVER replace the opinion of a doctor or the pharmacological treatments that a doctor can prescribe you for a specific pathology.

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  • Stops hair loss. Rosemary essential oil increases and improves blood and lymphatic circulation, becoming an excellent treatment against dandruff and alopecia. 
  • Works as a natural antibacterial. It inhibits the proliferation of pathogens, so it is useful as a disinfectant or to counter food poisoning. 
  • It is a powerful antioxidant. High levels of romarinic acid and caffeic acid prove to be excellent allies in eliminating toxins from the liver and in preventing cancer. 
  • Improves memory and reduces stress. Enhances brain activity and also reduces agitation, it is no coincidence that it is much used in aromatherapy to treat anxiety or depression. 
  • Helps relieve respiratory problems. The presence of antioxidant substances in rosemary also has broncholytic and vasodilatory effects, that free the airways and relieve congestion.
image: Pexels

From what has been said it is clear how beneficial rosemary can be for the human body, however, although it is simply a natural plant, it should never be taken as self-medication.

This is because, perhaps, without knowing it you could have particular health conditions, intolerances or allergies that transform this healthy ingredient into a substance that should be avoided. As a precaution always consult your doctor first.

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