"Coronavirus reminds us that we are…
Two teenagers at the supermarket drink bottles of fruit juice and put them back on the shelf to 4 pregnant women tested positive for Coronavirus; when they gave birth their newborns tested negative and are doing well

"Coronavirus reminds us that we are not owners of the world": the profound reflection of Pepe Mujica

April 23, 2020 • By Alison Forde

At a time like the one we are experiencing in which the Covid-19 pandemic has suddenly turned into a global crisis, we are learning at our own expense that everyone's life is extremely fragile and hanging by a thread. We all suddenly found ourselves forced to remain closed in our houses, waiting for the infection to cease or subside, while outside Nature takes its inexorable course. A thought that was well explained by Pepe Mujica.

The former president of Urugay, Josè "Pepe" Mujica, has always been very involved in the subjects of the environment and of Nature; in an interview he revealed some very illuminating thoughts on the world we are living in today, weighing the importance of personal reflection and future change; as he says, the planet that hosts us, in reality does not belong to us as we think: "But we should not be fooled ... it is not an ecological problem, but a political one. The human race has never had so many resources, skills and so much capital to stop these destructive phenomena on the planet. We are going towards an "ecological holocaust" and they are preparing a gigantic pan to fry us. " 

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But what we can do in this period of isolation and quarantine is to take time to reflect on ourselves. As Mujica says, "The worst loneliness is what we have inside; it is time to meditate. Talk to yourself and try to imagine a window to heaven. To each of you who feel sad and discouraged by these moments, I say: as long as you have a reason to live and to fight, you will not have time for sadness. "

Truly powerful and important words, which urge us once again to reflect on what we have done to our Planet and what we could do to improve it or to improve ourselves, once this terrible pandemic is over.

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