A baby girl had not received hospital visits for 5 months. The nurse who assists her decides to adopt her

Shirley Marie Bradby

April 06, 2019

A baby girl had not received hospital visits for 5 months. The nurse who assists her decides to adopt her

Those who work in a hospital constantly hear about and see stories of illness and healing.

These are often stories about patients that hurt and are hard to accept even if you are in the hospital just to do your job. And it is especially difficult to ignore a painful story when it directly affects defenseless children

Liz Smith is a head nurse in a Massachusetts hospital, in the United States, where she met the baby girl, who, due to the mysterious ways of life, would later become her daughter. Here is their exciting story.

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Gisele is a little baby girl with big blue eyes and sparse blonde hair. She arrived at the hospital where Liz works just three months after being released from another hospital where she was born. 

Gisele's life has not been easy since the beginning. Her birth mother was a drug-addicted woman, who also took drugs during the course of her pregnancy. Gisele was born premature, with neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS), and at birth, she weighed only 1.98 lbs (900 gr). 

Liz and baby Gisele first saw each other on a work day like any other for Liz. Immediately, Liz asked her colleagues who that beautiful little baby girl with the big blue eyes was and why she was there. She came to know that baby Gisele was recovering from NAS and that after being fed for five months from a tube, she was now doing much better. She also came to know that the baby was still alone since no one had come to visit her during her entire five-month hospital stay. 

This was the information that most pierced Liz's heart and she wanted to do something for Gisele but she did nott know what. Moreover, the time in which baby Gisele could remain in the hospital was about to end and, in the absence of a family to go to, she was destined to be sent to an orphanage.


Liz, meanwhile, always arrived at work with more and more enthusiasm, knowing that she would see baby Gisel. Suddenly, it became clear what she had to do. "I will adopt this child, I will be her mother," she said to herself. Having problems related to fertility and having grown up without a mother, Liz could not remain indifferent. 

After making the request for adoption and completing the formalities, the good news finally arrived! Gisele's family of origin had relinquished all their rights to the baby, due to not having the means to raise the baby. A mixture of joy and sadness took possession of Liz because a win for her meant a loss for another family, especially for baby Gisele. But deep down, she knew this would only mean the best for the baby. 

"From the moment I met her there was something inside her blue eyes that caught my attention. I felt I had to love this little girl and keep her safe. She has developmental problems and I could not wait to finally take her out of the hospital and take care of her to make sure that she could grow up like other children," said Liz. 

Now Liz and Gisele are officially mother and daughter; and, together they have made great progress. Both, thanks to their fateful encounter, have been gifted with the beginning of a new and exciting life!