20 lessons that are learned when you…
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20 lessons that are learned when you live with a cat

February 08, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Like any kind of cohabitation, living together with a cat has a lot to teach us.

Different from the relationship that can be established with a dog, the presence of a cat in your home is a continuous source of surprises, especially when it is your first experience. 

That they are more independent in nature is certainly true, but the world of felines reserve so many moments of tenderness and laughter that often they convince us to make room in their hearts for that ball of fur  --- even for those who have always thought "a cat is just not for me!"

First thing you learn: you are not the one to adopt a cat; at most it is he who adopts you!

Very often you will be the recipients of suspicious and haughty looks.


When you discover how fun it is to look at them from under a glass, you will never stop photographing them again.

image: Animallife

You will often surprise them to look into the void as captured by something that only they can see ...

image: Imgur.com

When they want to be alone they will be able to let you know without a shadow of a doubt.

image: Unknown

There is no bag, suitcase, box or envelope that will not assail with all the senses alerted.

When they are fleeing from something their stunts are spectacular!

image: Imgur.com

You will soon learn that the bathroom door must remain closed.

Your cat will be happy to be your assistant in every task!


You will learn that they love to take refuge in the most unthinkable places!

image: Livia Coccia

You will discover that for a cat a half-full bowl is in effect an EMPTY bowl.

image: Instagram

You will understand how right the vet was to recommend the amount of food sufficient for apartment cats.

They will always try to get something to eat by adopting some sly attitude.

They believe they are always more agile and lean than reality!

After you adopt a puppy, you will not be able to look at them with the same eyes.

Un post condiviso da Mirai Cats (@mirai.cats) in data:

They are able to make funny expressions!

Often there will be no way to get them into the carrier!

Un post condiviso da Luisa Massetti (@luisamassetti87) in data:

Any attempt to study or read will be sabotaged!

Un post condiviso da Giovanna Careddu (@giodan20.07) in data:

When you see an expression like this you will understand that it is better to stay away!

Un post condiviso da Lord L.Little (@lord_l.little) in data:

Finally, one thing you'll soon discover is that no matter how weird your cat may be ... You'll love it with all your heart!

image: Imgur
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