16 photos that will convince you not…
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16 photos that will convince you not to underestimate the practical good sense of a woman

February 13, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The habit of having to perform a large number of tasks during the day has made many women multi-tasking champions. But what does this imply?

Very often in order to be successful in what they do, women have developed the ability to find quick solutions to all the annoying inconveniences of life!

Some results are debatable, but the irony and the sense of practicality that the female sex often displays can be really unbeatable and these funny images give us a taste of what some women can do!

When women do not want anyone to see what is on their computer monitor, they do not mind making it clear.

"Our friends know that my girlfriend loves jigsaw puzzles and they gave her this thinking that it would be very difficult for her. She finished it in 2 hours! "

image: brsmits/imgur

No one has time to go to the supermarket ten times a week! Therefore each shopping trip must be used with maximum efficiency.

What do you do when you break a knife blade? You take a picture and send it to your children to scare them to death!

How to conceal a bottle of alcohol? She suggests this method!

image: unknown/imgur

Go ahead and laugh but ... It works!

Her boyfriend wanted to throw this tube of toothpaste away, days ago, but she showed him how much product there was still to be consumed!


How to close the sofa bed? It does not matter, just give a semblance of order to the room!

In general, women are last-minute magicians!

image: unknown/imgur

Another trick to hide drinks.

image: rollox/pikabu

Never challenge a woman who is convinced of her possibilities!

image: unknown/imgur

It's true that for most women, getting ready to go out takes a lot of time! However, it cannot be said that they do not try to optimize every minute!

image: MAGRAW/pikabu

"I challenged my mom to take a selfie with every smartphone in the store ... She did not think twice!"

image: Zigzag0/imgur

When you want the push-up bra effect ...

My wife was tired of having to come and wash my back with a sponge ...

Setting up so many coins is impossible, their friends said ...

image: nnaknak/imgur
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