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17 examples of how luck can sometimes…
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17 examples of how luck can sometimes turn on women

July 06, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Embarrassing moments can happen to everyone, but thankfully not always; and the best way to deal with them is with a smile.

Whether it is a special circumstance that makes an event memorable, your loving pet or just pure "luck", you have to know how to enjoy the ironic side of a situation, just like the women featured in this series of photographs that are destined --- and unbeknownst to them ---to immortalize these hilarious moments of their day!

Definitely, these are images to be preserved and possibly shared with others.

1. Graduation day ... Or how one of the most important moments in life, can be ruined in one second!

2. My friend and I crashed into each other during a soccer game and I still have one of her eyebrows printed on my t-shirt!


3. A scent that is absolutely ... captivating...

4. "I got married on Saturday, and this is the message I found tonight in my fortune cookie! "Enjoy yourself while you can." ... Too late!

5. Here sweet, nice little monkey ... Ahhhhh!


6. Looks like this cat was also seized with a sudden desire to kiss someone

7. The letters on this cake seem to poke fun at me about the fact that I have put on some extra weight!


8. When you wear clothes the same color as a green screen and you find yourself practically invisible.

9. When you want to prove to others that you have finally found the courage to go diving, but a spiteful fish ruins the photo!


10. An excessive amount of well-aimed birdseed ... Could it be that someone is jealous?

11. Real shoes with other shoes as high heels?

12. Be warned! This is the result of self-tanner mistake ...

13. When you don't want to appear in the video, but a mirror ruins everything.

14. Getting married is not every girl's dream ... it is definitely not hers!

15. The advertising sign is keen to point out that the dimensions seen are not the actual size! As if anyone thought that it was! Duh.

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