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24 misunderstood geniuses who have solved…
22 practical gadgets that should not be missing from your kitchen! From anonymous t-shirts to trendy tops! Here are some great ideas to breathe new life into your wardrobe!

24 misunderstood geniuses who have solved problems by using their out of the ordinary imagination!


Everyday life can be frustrating with its small but frequent inconveniences. However, this is not true if you have a terrific imagination that is always at your service.

Here we have collected 24 photographs that show the efforts that people make when they face the problems of life with a mix of laziness, wit, and sheer brilliance.

Where most of us would have desisted and tried a normal and boring remedy, such as consulting an expert or buying a product, these people have cleverly invented their own solutions!

 1. Are you feeling sick on class picture day? No problem if you have a twin who will do two slightly different pictures ...

2. Who needs a new remote ... When you have some aluminum foil to make contact?


3. Forget the normal bus doors, where we're going we don't need them.

4. These blenders are for people who when they see a pair of scissors and a drill --- just cannot resist.

5. In the absence of tripods, a real photographer enters into communion with nature.


6. Great for both gardening and for a concert!

image: nere5/pikabu

7. Caught between the present, past, and future --- here is the tricycle-hoverboard.


8. A swimming pool is for those who want to swim. For those who simply want to relax a large plastic trash bag and a garden hose are all you need!

image: Patgtc/imgur

9. So, you don't want to get a guard dog? A stuffed animal seen from a distance will have the same effect ...


10. How to repair the handle of a cup ... If you're an Android developer.

11. Grandpa goes to work by bike. Yes, and he takes his tools with him!

12. Luxury cup holder!

13. Who needs a fireplace when you have a cardboard box and a YouTube video?

 14. Literally --- a smartphone battery!

image: lukeee/pikabu

15. Plastic windows for cigarette smokers.

16. When you're really scared of getting splattered with hot oil!

17. Have you forgotten your belt or suspenders? Don't worry ... an elastic luggage strap will do just fine!

 18. In the event you have the only drawing program without geometrical shapes, you can make a perfect circle with a mouse and a coin.

 19. In Russia, if the vacuum cleaner breaks down, just repair it with a switch.

20. My six-year-old daughter was afraid of monsters, so we relied on the protection of Jedi Knight Mace Windu."

image: LEYW/reddit

21. Does the air conditioner play havoc with your neck? Here's a state-of-the-art system to avoid a stiff neck!

22. "Don't talk to me. I have no self-control and will talk to you for three hours and achieve nothing." --- says the sign on his back!

image: Diply/twitter

23. Having cooling problems with your computer fan? Get inspired.

 24. In South Korea, construction workers kindly cover nearby cars with plastic to protect them from dust and debris.

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