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22 original photos taken at exactly…
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22 original photos taken at exactly the right moment!


In photography, timing is everything, especially when we are trying to capture a unique and original moment that is not easily photographed by others.

This lesson seems to have been absorbed in the best way by the authors of the 22 captured images that we propose within this photo gallery!

In fact, each of these photos manages to capture situations that are almost unbelievable simply due to having taken advantage of certain coincidences that, although improbable, are not to be excluded in everyday life.

1. A girl who teaches a gorilla how to use technology.

2. The noble antlers ... of cats.


3. The famous scene of Snow White becomes a reality.

4. Unfortunately for him, the thief was photographed during the act of theft.

5. The water is so clean and transparent that the boat floating in it seems to be suspended in the air!


6. Bet you didn't notice Godzilla ...

7. The person who took this photo was lucky enough to illustrate the inseparable nexus between man and nature.


8. Can a police dog who steals food from a police officer be considered a criminal?

9. A gift from the stork!


10. He managed to photograph the truck just in time - before its inevitable destruction.

11. Photograph of a dog that is jumping --- apparently without legs!

12. A paparazzo photographs two cats flirting.

13. A person could try again a thousand times to try to capture this same image, without managing to take a second photo like this one!

14. Children equipped with wings who know how to fly ...

15. Congratulations! A great backflip catch attempt!

16. A bewitched cat ...

17. Eclipses know how and when to be visible to the naked eye.

18. The moment immediately following the jump.

19. You all know how difficult it is to photograph a dog and a cat that share the same bicycle basket!

20. A meeting that is only a fleeting glance through a window ...

21. An airplane that has decided to land in the least convenient place ...

image: © unknown

22. Miraculous and mysterious apparitions that upset surfers.

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