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10+ very unusual items created to combat…
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10+ very unusual items created to combat stress

January 31, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Did you know that stressed people are also those who often eat junk food? And that stress is the basis of the most common disorders and diseases?

If you have problems sleeping, if you notice too many pimples on your face or allergic reactions that you did not suffer from previously, probably everything can be traced back to a high level of stress.

Relaxing when you realize that you have accumulated too much nervous energy is essential! To do so, you can find help in one of these objects, created specifically to induce a state of relaxation in those who use them.

Obviously, these simple gadgets will not solve all your problems, but they can help you to face many situations with a smile!

Anti-stress head massager

image: Kenzan/Amazon

Many of our problems are born in our mind or "head", right? This is why it is good to relax your head whenever you feel the need, by gently massaging the scalp.

An Ostrich pillow for taking naps while traveling

Do you also get nervous when you want to take a nap in a car (of course as a passenger!) Or when you travel on any means of public transport, and your head falls and bobs continuously? This Ostrich pillow will soften any surface on which you rest your head, ensuring a prolonged and restorative nap.


Magnetic putty playdough!

This putty or playdough can take any shape you want, through the magnetic action of a magnet! You can create the face of your boss, for example, and then smash it in with your fist.

Just joking, of course!

Head massager.

Do you fall asleep when someone touches or caresses your head or your hair? This massager acts in much the same way, stimulating the scalp and the muscles of the neck. A must try!

The game of cakes in the face.

image: Hasbro/Amazon

Play this game with the person who literally drives you crazy! It will be a real pleasure to see a big dose of whipped cream suddenly plastered all over their face!


Did you know that one way to get rid of stress quickly is to scream as loud and as much as you can, channeling all your negative emotions outside of yourself? With this Japanese shouting vase, you will not have to reach the top of the mountain to let off steam --- you can do it "silently" even indoors. 

We would love to do this, and you?

Funny Squishy Vomitive Yolk Stress Reliever

Do some stressful situations literally make you so nervous that you feel sick to your stomach? Well, this funny and squishy vomitive yolk stress reliever will help you relax in a harmless and humorous way!


Antistress in the form of a smartphone.

image: Poзitiv mag

Does your smartphone ring continuously and at the end of the day, you would just love to completely destroy it? Well, equip yourself with this antistress gadget which will allow you to let off steam on a smartphone --- a fake one, of course!

Antistress in the shape of a hen.

We do not know exactly why squeezing a chicken from which an egg emerges should be relaxing!? In any case, the material of which it is made seems to be very pleasant to the touch!


Giant enter button.

Do you know which key on a keyboard is pressed with the most force? The enter key! Imagine that you have just finished writing a complaint email, or a liberating message to a person --- would you not press the send key more forcefully than necessary? What keeps you from doing it with even more force is the fact that you could break it and then you would need to get another keyboard! 

With this enter key, however, you will never have to worry about breaking something --- it is rage-proof!

Packaging that is also relaxing ...

If the only way you can relax is by popping some of that famous bubble wrap packaging, then maybe you can convince your desk colleague or your partner to wear a garment made of this material.

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