These inventions are so disastrous that they are hilarious -
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These inventions are so disastrous that…
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These inventions are so disastrous that they are hilarious

February 09, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Even if we are firm supporters of spontaneous and unexpected genius, we must not always trust those who say "Don't worry, I'll take care of it!", because when you get caught up in solving a problem you may forget some basic security rules ...

It is the case of the funny images you will see below! These do-it-yourself engineers have thought only about the problem, without caring very much about the functionality of their inventions.

They all display an obvious lack of practical sense that can only make us smile!

1. Did you want a wall-mounted TV? Here you are!

2. When you want to keep your feet dry at all costs (or you want to scare someone to death)


3. A shower or a time travel box?

4. Small bathroom? Solution found ...

5. A game for real daredevils


6. Low-cost road repair ...

7. Travel in style


8. You won't go very far in this condition ...

9. Uhm ...


10. When your daughter wants roller skates, but the stores are closed

11. Next time, I will not go out and leave the plumber alone ...

12. Really?

13. When you want to give someone a gift and assure them several years of psychoanalysis ...

14. When you ask for a würstel sandwich but do not specify what goes on the inside and outside ...

15. Knowing that the streets are always less secure, you have to make do!

16. Thief-proof!

17. "Area protected by a security camera"

18. Did you also feel your heart skip a beat?

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