18 mechanical solutions created by some…
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18 mechanical solutions created by some true geniuses!

February 06, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It is said that "opportunity makes a thief", but sometimes it also allows for the formulation of a very clever solution. When we are faced with a situation that is not easily resolvable, we often come up with an idea that is a real stroke of genius.

When creativity marries genius, we have recognized fantastic ideas that would even deserve to be patented.

See how these people have been able to repair objects or find a solution to their problems that confirm that they are real geniuses!

Someone has stolen the handlebars, but he resolved the situation by using a broom.

image: unknown/Imgur

And speaking of brooms ...

image: Unknown/Imgur

In this way, you can seem to be living on a cruise ship ...

image: fylox/Imgur

On this bus, the "book a stop" button is broken --- just squeeze the chicken to reserve your stop!

image: Unknown/Imgur

You must be a true coffee lover to get to this point ...


He could not wait for the bottle to fill up, so he had an idea ...

image: Iam1337/imgur

Inspired by an IKEA design.


It would be interesting to know if anyone is sleeping in there right now ...

image: Unknown/Imgur

Here is a person who will never be late for work again!


But ... How is this possible?

image: Unknown/Imgur

When laziness reaches disturbing levels ...

Wet ... car rug and floorboards in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

Trust me, I'm an engineer.

image: ElDraky/Imgur

A magic genie in the kitchen!

A modern-day ark ...

image: Unknown/imgur

So, it's not a big problem if the hedge trimmer breaks ...

image: Unknown/Imgur

No more books falling into the bathtub water.

If you cannot see the football game very well on your smartphone, well here is a solution!

image: setoxxx/imgur
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