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28 images that show the hidden and curious…
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28 images that show the hidden and curious side of things that we are very familiar with!

February 06, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In the era of selfies, there are still those who try to take pictures that reveal the hidden or lesser-known side of things, both those that we have ordinarily under our noses and those we would hardly think of by themselves.

The images that we have collected here for you, answer a whole series of "have you ever wondered ..." questions that will give you a taste for discovering what they are!

However, instead of revealing them immediately we will allow you, for the most difficult ones, some time to try to guess what the object is by yourself! Give it a try!

What is it?

image: OsamaBinBob

Were you able to guess what it is? It's the inside of a guitar!

Do you know how some types of bricks are laid? This is how they do it in Holland!


Turn a water lily upside down and discover another beautiful display!


The skeletal structure of a tortoise is one of the most curious things ever seen!

image: CPhotoshopper

Here's how a space shuttle looks as soon as it leaves the earth's atmosphere.

image: bucsboy246

It is only a giant military combat ship being pulled out of the water!

image: kitten_anus

We know how the public sees the stage, but the perspective that the artists have is reserved for only a few.

image: kiaall

Whatever can this be?!

image: mike_pants

It is a human embryo at the very first stages resting on the tip of a needle!

This is not so difficult ...

image: FrozenFoodGuy

Here is the blowhole of a whale seen from close up!


Yes, our limbs are irrigated by MANY blood vessels.

image: mike_pants

An artichoke plant not harvested but left to flower and bloom.

image: saladbars

A spaceship?

image: Adderall

No! It is a CAT Scan machine with the outside cover removed.

How do the pearls look inside?

Is this man riding on a hot air balloon?

image: derschwigg

No, he took a selfie on the summit of Mount Everest!

The interesting mechanism that opens and closes the door to an armored room.

image: HobieSnacks

A cross-section view of a trimmed adult hedge bush.

image: Paul Debois

What happened to this eye?

What we see here are the eye stitches after cornea transplant!

A new type of giant power supply pylon made in China that is believed to be the world's tallest!

image: malgoya

What place could this ever be?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa!

Try to guess ... come on!

image: dittidot

Well, okay ... this is the inside of an aerial firework shell ...

Are we at NASA?

No, this is the Beijing traffic monitoring station!

Have you ever seen this object?

image: elmielmosong

Surely yes, but not from this perspective --- it is the inside a bowling ball!

Ok, this is certainly a plant but it will intrigue you to discover its special ability. This is a "tumbleweed" bush before it dies and detaches itself from its roots so that it can be driven by the wind and spread its seeds!

Here is one of the most loved spices in the world ...

image: afnas

... Cinnamon bark (cinnamon)!

Yes, the 9V square batteries conceal six more batteries inside them!

image: Homeslice619

Here is what is hidden under a heated floor!

These are the legs of a cyclist who has just finished the Tour de France!

image: p.poljanski

What is this room? Perhaps, a laundry?

This is the corridor behind the individual bowling lanes in a bowling alley!

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