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Absurd objects found at a flea market…
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Absurd objects found at a flea market --- which one for you is irresistible?


Second-hand stores are a real life-saver, especially, when it is hard to get to the end of the month and you want to satisfy some whims.

Inside these stores, it is in fact, possible to find many practically new objects and pay a fraction of their original price! Furthermore, choosing them also does the environment a favor, because it limits the production of new items while promoting reuse and upcycling.

Speaking of the used objects found at flea markets, a special mention deserves to go to all those senseless objects that you cannot help but buy. On the shelves, there are often prototypes of toys out of production, vintage instruments or jewels of kitsch furniture, such as those shown below. 

Which of these would you not be able to resist if you found it at a flea market near you?

1. I do not know what you will do with it, but it is impressive.

2. Buy a leather wallet for 25 cents (which was already a bargain), and then find $100 inside it!

image: reddit

3. "I went to the flea market to buy a poster, I came back home with a 50 cents Wurlitzer organ!"

4. "Forget everything that you know about ties. I found this gorgeous feather tie at a flea market."

5. You will not be stylish, but you will be funny ...


6. "I found this painting at a flea market that dramatically resembles me!"

7. "The best 2 dollars I have ever spent in my life! This is why I love flea markets!"


8. A sperm bank?

9. "I found Smeagol's lifesize cardboard cutout standup at a second-hand market! I live with two people, let the games begin!"


10. These, yes! --- are what we mean by educational toys!

image: Sconosciuto

11. Whatever its function, I'll buy it!

12. Hand underpants. Why not?

13. He could not help buying it!

image: AcidCow

14. "A small work of art made with six one-dollar bills and I paid only 50 cents."

15. "Without a doubt, the best purchase ever made at a flea market!"

16. The right candelabra for a romantic dinner ...

image: AcidCow

17. Ready to party!

18. I found the perfect pictures for my bathroom! They cost only a dollar each.

19. This brings to mind many questions ...

20. At only 99 cents, how can you not buy it?

21. An old-lady mask

22. "I heard that a secondhand shop had received some wedding dresses from a boutique and on the price tag for this dress was written $2, 260,18 USD (£1595 GBP) pounds). But I bought it for 25 pounds, and it fits me perfectly!"

23. ?????

24. Impossible not to buy it!

25. Because you can steal money, but you can't steal class...

26. He has found himself!

27. To relax after working many hours ...

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