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23 photographs showing what can happen…
A dog stares at its new owners every night and the reason why makes the family cry ... The pictorial skills of these contemporary artists are simply spectacular!

23 photographs showing what can happen when a woman is expecting a child!

December 03, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Pregnancy is a moment of extreme importance for each couple and expecting a child means taking on a great deal of responsibility!

It is for this reason that this situation regarding food cravings is often experienced with anxiety and agitation.

However, in a moment so full of emotions, a bit of healthy humor is just what you need to calm things down!

Here in this photo gallery are 30 photos that show some funny situations that occur when a woman is expecting a baby!

1. Two video game enthusiasts have decided to announce (in their own way) the imminent arrival of a child ...

2. "My cat is happier than ever ... Since I got pregnant, she started using me as an armchair!"


3. Practice wrapping a baby ... with the unhappy family pet dog as a guinea pig!

4. "My wife, because of her pregnancy, could not reach the table, but she figured out how to improvise!"

5. "Don't eat watermelon seeds!"


6. If the future grandmother asks you continuously how is the pregnancy coming along ... try answering her like this!

7. Some absolute nonsense is always allowed, especially when expecting a child during the Christmas season.


8. Pregnant women can be very cruel ... especially if they are greedier than their husbands!

9. Now that your wife is pregnant, you can finally entrust her with the task of driving because she cannot drink alcohol!


10. The typical euphoria of future mothers at the stadium ...

Un post condiviso da Daryl Amundrud (@darylamundrud) in data:

11. Guess who is eating sweets for two?!

12. "Yesterday evening, my wife sent me to the supermarket to buy these primary and essential food products! The excuse: "I'm expecting a child!"

13. "Someone just had to capture our expressions at the time of our daughter's birth!"

14. "Do you like one of these, or do I have to go out and buy six more jars of honey?

Un post condiviso da Mr. G (@jtgarner07) in data:

15. We just hope only one cake is enough to make up for it ...

16. "Pregnant and overweight but I am not going to let it bother me ... I can make a joke out of it!"

17. "A tomato is just a flower that got pregnant. It is rounder, but still pretty!"

18. You cannot polish your toenails? No problem!

19. Have a stellar pregnancy with a customized Death Star Maternity Cotton T-Shirt!

20. When you are expecting a child, the refrigerator always seems empty ...

21. Hey! Do we have enough pickles?

22. Here's the perfect baby outfit for the baby that's coming!

23. They say that during pregnancy women tend to have many food cravings. But they do not say that these cravings can be extremely selective!

Un post condiviso da 🇨🇦 NAZ💋 (@schnazzynaz) in data:

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