15 pictures of shoes to make you question what stylists and designers mean by "good taste"

Alison Forde

December 29, 2020

15 pictures of shoes to make you question what stylists and designers mean by

Shoes are a weakness for many women: you stop in front of the shop windows, dream of shoes with vertiginous heels, admire particular styles, imagine the perfect combinations with sporty or elegant outfits. The dream of many women is to have an entire cabinet full of shoes, preferably ordered by use, shape and color. Some stylists and shoe designers have tried their hand at designing shoes in unusual styles, in eccentric shapes and bizarre fabrics. Beauty is not absolute but is in the eye of the beholder, so they say. Or perhaps beauty is of lesser importance when, behind certain creations, there is an idea or a specific inspiration.


1. A double-toed pair of shoes: it is practically impossible to distinguish the front from the back.

2. There is no heel, but on the other hand there is a platform and a precipice: the sensation they give the viewer is one of complete instability.


3. Here you are literally walking on tiptoe: perhaps ballerinas could wear them more easily.

4. The right shoes for taking your little bird for a walk, or for hiding something inside when you have nowhere else to put it.

5. In this case the artist was inspired by an animal. Is the result brilliant or perhaps a little disturbing?


6. At first glance they would seem to be fairly classic shoes, then, looking more carefully you see the toe design.

7. These shoes were not made to be beautiful but to be useful - you can clean the house while wearing them.


8. These shoes seem to have been cunningly adapted from a sling, just add a sole to make a somewhat unusual shoe.

9. A re-imagined croc: tall, flashy and with a positively trashy decoration.


10. Who would wear these flipper-toed shoes? Perhaps, they have been designed to make a walk on the beach look chic.

11. Maybe these shoes are only half finished? No, but most of the sole is missing, wouldn't you get your feet dirty?

12. Have these shoes also been designed for the beach? Maybe not, but the fish give the shoe a carefree look.

13. A shoe not suitable for women who stumble easily: you would have to look carefully where you put your feet.

14. A somewhat dizzying height, but it's not about the heel: this time you have to balance on your toes.

15. On what occasion could you wear shoes like this? To an "ice cream" themed party?

We'll leave it to you to express your opinion on these shoes: should they be worn or simply exhibited as works of undoubted creativity?