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15 annoying situations that can make…
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15 annoying situations that can make anyone nervous when they happen

January 14, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Knowing how to get along with the people around us every day, our family members living under the same roof or the colleagues with whom we share the office is not easy: it is a question of balance between endurance and rights.

Each of us has the right to demand that some rules be respected, especially those to which we hold particularly, but at the same time, we must be willing to overlook many behaviors that can bother us.

These that we list in the article, however, are some situations that would annoy anyone!

When a site asks you to register in order to continue browsing.

When you get a package that seems to have survived a war zone!


"This is how the supermarket shelves appear the day after the Christmas holidays.!

image: imgur

"That's why I do not let anyone empty the dishwasher!"

When, in public toilets, you have to clean the toilet before using it due to the lack or caution and respect of the previous person.


When closed packs open like this.

The way this floor has been repaired!?

image: Fulern/Reddit

When the pencils are sharpened like this.

When, at nightclubs, they slap a security wristband on you and close it like this!

image: imgur

The wrong colors on the ON and OFF buttons!

image: imgur

When the new roll of toilet paper behaves like this.

When the keyboard directional arrows are not isolated and are confused with the other keys.

image: eeflr/reddit

When the labels do not come off (especially when they are glued to the bottom of the pan).

When it says "Pull", but there is no handle.

Potatoes and onions arranged in this supermarket!?

image: imgur
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