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21 Selfies That Chronicle The "amusing"…
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21 Selfies That Chronicle The "amusing" Trips This Man Has Had Traveling With His Wife!


Traveling in two is a great way to turn the potentially long and boring time it takes to arrive at a destination into a period of time that is filled with fun, chatter, laughter, singing songs together, and revealing hopes about the future or sharing memories. 

Unfortunately, however, this does not always happen, and many people find themselves looking for ways to alleviate the stultifying boredom of having to basically travel alone in solitude.

This is exactly what happened to this man, most of the time whenever he traveled with his wife, who often took refuse in comatose-like sleep leaving him to practically travel alone!

After a series of seemingly endless trips with his wife ...

... in summer, in winter, under the sun, in the rain ...


... this man decided to take some pictures to document his wife's incredible selfishness:

no matter the destination, the enthusiasm, the weather or the mood ...

...this woman always manages to fall asleep on the way!


You will not be able to believe how many images he managed to capture, and all the while his wife sleeps blissfully and unaware of the battle he fought to stay awake.

Enjoy the rest of the many of selfies that he took, but a word of warning! Do not let yourself be infected by the desire to sleep, too!


If you know someone who behaves in the same way, get them to simply look at these images to make them aware of the "crime" that they commit every time they travel with you!

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March 25, 2014

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