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17 times when the chosen design proved…
16 proofs that certain designers have definitely chosen the wrong profession! 15 ingenious advertising campaigns that have caused rocket sales

17 times when the chosen design proved to be exactly the right one!

February 08, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Have you ever been struck by a product not so much for its usefulness as for its design? Those who work in the sector are aware of the power of giving an object a curious and interesting appearance, even if the product itself is not.

It is not just a way to sell more, it is often a way to make a product appealing and therefore make it not only useful but also beautiful to see.

These that we present in this article are examples of the times when the design chosen was exactly the right one!

A whale-shaped aroma diffuser --- the spray of vaporized essential oils mimics perfectly a whale spraying water!

The logo of this coffee bar represents a cup of coffee and the reflection is the letter "J", the initial of the name of the place.

image: i.imgur.com

The packaging of these cookies match perfectly when the boxes are placed side by side.

The wet floor sign finally becomes international! Everyone can understand its meaning!

These symbols are used to indicate the toilet for men and women in this place.

image: viiboa/Reddit

Marvel chose this design for advertising their stores on their shopping bags.

The perfect colors of this mosque.


This symbol for Wi-Fi reminds you of a tasty sandwich!

The symbol of the Olympics to be held in Paris (France) in 2024. The logo recalls the numbers 2 and 4 and also the Eiffel Tower.


This chicken coop has the shape of a spaceship.

image: imgur

This wastepaper basket seems to be made out of a sheet of crumpled paper.

image: imgur

The entrance to a chapel inside a hospital.

The most effective advertising against smoking ever.

The business cards of this divorce lawyer.

This publicity was disseminated following the approval of the law that allows women to drive in Saudi Arabia.

image: i.redd.it

These 3D crosswalks cause drivers to slow down.

This lock was designed for the blind and for anyone who is drunk!

image: imgur
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