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15 birthday cakes that turned out badly that they should be rewarded for trying at least

We all love to celebrate birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and ceremonies with a cake; we all know that it is a delicious and colorful dessert especially loved by little ones, but a proper cake needs…

15 attempts to make elaborate birthday cakes that turned out to be totally disastrous

The art of making beautiful birthday cakes, also known as cake design, is a talent and a profession that is becoming increasingly popular among young people who are looking for a job that is well paid…

17 times people chose to get tattooed with disastrous results

Tattoos were once very frowned upon because those who wore them came from the wrong strata of society, i.e. convicts and who had been in jail. Today ideas have changed radically and anyone, regardless…

16 fun cakes we didn't think anyone would have the guts to make

Who doesn't like cake? Although there are and always will be those who love salty more than sweet, a birthday cake is almost always welcome. And if it is also aesthetically appealing and imaginative,…
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10 women's shoes that take real courage to wear

Fashion is pretty important in most females' loves. Although women go crazy for clothes, accessories, and handbags, shoes have a special place in most females' hearts. It's no secret that if a shoes come…

With very little money a student managed to refurbish his old and dirty room: a great job

Anyone who has had to leave home, perhaps to move to another city, for study, work or simply for pleasure, knows very well how it feels to approach a new home, a new bedroom and, above all, new room mates.…

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