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"Luckily it's not my home!": 16 examples of furniture that we would have preferred not to see

Buying or renting a home can be very exciting, especially in the early days. Furnishing it and making it more and more a reflection of ourselves is what, in the end, will make us feel that that place…

Nightmare Homes: 20 photos of apartments that some real estate agents have done their best to sell

The choice of a house, whether to rent or to buy, is never trivial, even if of course taking out a mortgage is definitely more demanding than simply renting. Often, customers get lost in the thousands…

Hideous bathrooms: 18 people managed to capture some of the most unsightly designs around

The bathroom is definitely an indispensable room in a home. Taking care of your hygiene and dedicating some time for yourself there is essential. Very often, the bathroom that offers us the opportunity…

The magic of cake design: 15 cakes so perfect that they deserve a place of honor in a museum

A delicious cake is eaten not only with the mouth but also with the eyes. Yes, because today, the subtle art of cake design has become a very respectable profession, where every willing, talented and…

15 birthday cakes that turned out badly that they should be rewarded for trying at least

We all love to celebrate birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and ceremonies with a cake; we all know that it is a delicious and colorful dessert especially loved by little ones, but a proper cake needs…

15 attempts to make elaborate birthday cakes that turned out to be totally disastrous

The art of making beautiful birthday cakes, also known as cake design, is a talent and a profession that is becoming increasingly popular among young people who are looking for a job that is well paid…

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