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23 useful kitchen gadgets that would…
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23 useful kitchen gadgets that would make anyone happy

May 21, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If experimenting in the kitchen is one of your passions and you cannot go without purchasing any new tool or gadget that can facilitate the preparation of your dishes, then the inventions dedicated to this area of the house must absolutely be the topic on which to keep up to date. 

How would you, otherwise, find out that there is a tool or gadget that allows you to shell peas in record time, or that they have also invented a gadget that also cuts corn kernels off corncobs?

Maybe you have denied yourself the possibility of consuming fresh foods because they take too long to prepare! Here's how to resolve this issue.

1. Here is the object that allows you to get corn directly from the corncob.

image: Amazon

2. And this is the "magic" that speeds up the preparation of peas.

image: CrazeCenter

3. A cocoa powder dispenser that allows you to write and draw on cakes, desserts, and cappuccinos!

image: cinnibird

4. The foldaway colander that does not clutter.

image: kickstarter

5. The portable kitchen hood, perfect for pulling in and filtering bad odors in any situation.

image: yankodesign

6. A digital kitchen thermometer.

7. The English breakfast cooker that does everything! It makes coffee, toasts bread, and cooks sausages and fried eggs!


8. Spiralizers are special vegetable slicers that will make your dishes original.

9. The object that removes cherry stones from cherries without staining your favorite white shirt.

image: Amazon

10. The toaster that lets you see how done the slices of bread are.

image: Amazon

11. A bicycle-shaped pizza cutter ... Very cute!

image: Amazon

12. Separate fruit from the peel with a single gesture with this versatile tool.

image: redtrade.top

13. Try to make homemade pasta, and remember that there are tools like these that can be of great help!

image: fancy.com

14. Removing the heart of a tomato and preparing a nice salad will be easier.

image: fancy.com

15. Are you familiar with silicone lid lifters? Look how cute they are!

image: Amazon

16. This stainless steel steam BBQ Grill cleaning / cooking tool facilitates the cleaning of the oven.

17. The vertical egg cooker that turns eggs directly into omelettes ready to serve.

image: amazon

19. This oil pourer and stopper captivates you with its usefulness, but above all with its originality!

image: thegadgetflow

20. Did you know that there is a portable butter churn? We already smell the odor of sweets!

image: uncommongoods

21. "I want fries" ... Here is the tool that simplifies your life.

22. Buy fresh herbs, grind them with this tool, and then use them (or freeze them to use them at a later date!).

23. We close this fantastic photo gallery with the most original juicer you or we have ever seen!

image: trendhunter
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