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24 times in which design has given birth…
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24 times in which design has given birth to absolutely brilliant ideas!

May 03, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Often we conceive of design as something very distant from reality --- very abstract and therefore not very useful.

Nevertheless, designers sometimes think not only of the visual aspect of an object or product, but above all of its practical use.

That's how these brilliant ideas that solve some small but annoying problems that we all encounter almost every day were born!

Take a look at them all, and then let us know which one you consider to be definitely the most intelligent when compared to all the others!

1. These tulips have been planted so as to create the form of larger tulip!

2. On the packaging of each frozen product of this brand, the cooking time in a microwave oven is written right on the display of the microwave oven printed on the package!


3. A clever parking space for skateboards.

4. This pizzeria provides information containing instructions for customers to reheat their pizza at home while preserving the quality.

5. The clothing label is attached to a piece of cloth, so when you cut it off it will not bother or irritate your skin.


6. The handle on this gate is placed higher so as not to allow it to be opened by school children.

7. In this hotel the faucet lever is placed on the other wall to avoid getting wet when opening the water.


8. In this restaurant you can take a blood alcohol test before you leave and get behind the wheel.

9. A wheelchair swing


10. A drawing appears on this coaster when it is put in contact with a cold glass.

11. In this library PC monitors are retractable to take advantage of more space when not in use.

12. This door handle is knurled, to allow even people wearing woolen gloves or mittens to open it more easily.

13. A map of the city is printed on the Seattle manholes.

14. This shower rack shelf has two holes to keep the bottles overturned when the product is running out.

15. The children's menu is posted at a child's height.

16. In this Italian restaurant, water is turned on and off by using your knees.

17. A smartphone charger can be rented at Chinese airports.

18. Coconut milk ... ready to drink!

19. Ramp for the disabled.

20. A special spoon to avoid spilling powdered products such as flour or coffee.

Un post condiviso da Dreamfarm (@dreamfarm) in data:

21. A shelf that turns into a desk.

22. A thumb ring bookmarker for people who love to read printed books.

Un post condiviso da designdaily.. (@letsdesigndaily) in data:

23. A sports watch with a pocket space where you insert a key.

Un post condiviso da Wonjun Lee (@wonjun_leee) in data:

24. Electric sockets that can be connected to each other.

Un post condiviso da Yanko Design (@yankodesign) in data:

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