19 scary situations that will make you…
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19 scary situations that will make you feel chills up and down your spine!

May 04, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Have you ever experienced something inexplicable that still makes you shudder when you think about it?

For example, catching a glimpse of a shadow person out of the corner of your eye --- where there should be no one, lights that seem in all respects to be pairs of eyes staring at you or situations that seem to be a scene from a horror film --- do not be afraid in these cases it is totally impossible!

Look at the following photos and try to compare your experience with those of the people who captured these fright-inducing images.

 "Someone is watching me from inside the sink"

 "Here's what I found in the entrance hall of my apartment building at 3 o'clock in the morning."


"Walking along a river in Copenhagen."

 'We live in a 1950s house built on a military base. One night, I heard my two-month-old daughter laugh and when I turned on the camera monitor --- I saw this."

"I was taking a walk at night when I saw this shadow of ... no one."


 "I had slept in my car and when I woke up, I discovered that someone had spied on me while I was sleeping."

 "I was visiting an abandoned house when I realized I was not alone ..."


 "There's a bunker under my house and this is what I saw when I turned on my smartphone camera to photograph what's in one of the underground tunnels."

 "He was in front of my bedroom window in the middle of the night."


 Everyone who sees this picture is not able to explain ...

 "That's my mom in the background in the photo ..."

 "This figure appeared during a volcanic eruption in Chile."

 "I went into an uninhabited house and when I reached the bathroom I got a fright like I had never experienced before in my life!"

 "In 1986, we had to leave our house because of the nuclear explosion at Chernobyl. Two years ago, I went back to our apartment for the first time and I visited the room where in 1985, they had taken a photo of me with my father. This is what it looks like now when I superimposed the two photographs."

"This picture was taken by my husband on his way home from work."

 "My mother sent me to the supermarket in the evening and there was what looked like an army of crows in front of the entranceway! I did not have the courage to go in and I went right back home."

"I just wanted to close the door!"

"This picture was taken in an abandoned ship. No one can enter without being recorded by the surveillance cameras. Police investigations have not found any break-ins or infractions, so who is this man with an ax in his hand?"

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