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Video Fear

19 scary situations that will make you feel chills up and down your spine!

Have you ever experienced something inexplicable that still makes you shudder when you think about it? For example, catching a glimpse of a shadow person out of the corner of your eye --- where there…
Absurd Fear Wtf

She leaves her baby in the car and goes to the bar with her friends --- and when she returns she sees that she has almost caused a tragedy

We are in the sunny parking lot of a Mexican shopping center and some passersby hear noises coming from a car. They approach and discover that on the back seat there is a very young baby girl who is crying…
Cars Children Fear Stories

18 images of transportation that you did not believe were even possible!

The next time you have to go to work or move house remember these images! There are people who every day have to use their ability to strategically stack objects on top of each other and test their…
Absurd Fear Wtf

23 situations that would put anyone's patience to the test!

You are in a fast food restaurant on school field trip and order twenty-six portions of fried onion rings, all with thirteen pieces each. However, when you are about to pay, you notice that some portions…
Absurd Fear

20 images that explain well why Australia is the most dangerous country in the world

With a climate that is generally warm, high standard of living, and life expectancy among the highest in the world (79.7 years), Australia is always one of the most popular destinations both in terms…

Look closely at this creepy Hyperflesh Mask ... if you dare!

Landon Meier is the name of the artist who creates hyperrealistic masks aka Hyperflesh! He is able to achieve this effect due to silicone, which is the material he prefers to use to create his faces.…

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