She leaves her baby in the car and goes to the bar with her friends --- and when she returns she sees that she has almost caused a tragedy -
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She leaves her baby in the car and goes…
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She leaves her baby in the car and goes to the bar with her friends --- and when she returns she sees that she has almost caused a tragedy


We are in the sunny parking lot of a Mexican shopping center and some passersby hear noises coming from a car.

They approach and discover that on the back seat there is a very young baby girl who is crying desperately. The car is locked and while trying to track down the parents, one of the passers-by tries to help the baby as much as possible.

Luckily, he found a wooden board to place on the roof of the car to try to create a shield to protect the baby from the sun but the baby was already very red. In the end, the mother was finally tracked down ...

A situation that almost turned into a tragedy.

When they realized what was happening, a parking attendant entered the mall to find out who the car belonged to. When he tracked down the owner and mother of the little baby, he found her sitting at a bar with some friends.

It is not clear whether the woman had voluntarily closed her baby daughter in the car before going to get a coffee or if she had simply forgotten, as unfortunately sometimes happens. In any case, the fact is that the windows of the car were closed and the temperature inside of the car was so hot that the little girl was quite red.

We are sharing this story to remind you that even when the outside temperature is not particularly high, the temperature inside a car can be higher by several degrees. This exposes to enormous risks any living being that is left in the car, be it a child or an animal, and for that reason, this should never be done, not even for a few minutes.

A person at the scene, captured on video, the moment when the woman pulled her crying baby out of the car, clearly showing how hot and desperate the little baby girl was.

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