6 trees that you can grow from fruit tree plants created from fruit seeds ...

by Shirley Marie Bradby

April 05, 2018

6 trees that you can grow from fruit tree plants created from fruit seeds ...

With the progression of time and the evolution of technologies, it happens that human beings are increasingly separated from Nature.

If until a century ago human beings still followed the cycle of the seasons, worked the soil with their hands and with their sweat to earn the fruits of their labor, today we are always, "out of season" and often we even forget the basic tenets of nature.

Dedicating oneself to gardening is a way, for those who do not have the opportunity to take advantage of a larger space, to get closer to Nature again and learn from it patience and constancy. Did you know that from the seeds of the fruits you usually eat, you can get real fruit tree plants?

NB: In the case of grafted fruit trees (such as citrus fruits), by making seeds sprout, you will not necessarily get a plant that can generate fruit.


How to make a chestnut sprout.

  • Go to the woods and collect some chestnuts, even those fallen on the ground are good. 
  • Immerse the chestnuts in water and eliminate those floating on the surface. 
  • With a sharp knife, make a cut along the pointed side, slightly raising the outer peel. 
  • Bury the chestnuts only halfway in the soil in a deep, well-drained container. 
  • Place a sheet of paper towel over the container and irrigate the soil. 
  • It will take about a month and a half or two months before the chestnut sprouts.

How to make an avocado sprout.

Remove the seed from the avocado fruit, taking care not to cut it with the knife. 
Rinse the seed under running water. 
Insert three toothpicks into the seed, in order to create a support. 
Place the seed and its support on the edge of a container and fill it up to cover the seed for three quarters. 
The seed of avocado will take about 3 months to sprout (it will emerge from the sharpest part.) 
When the white roots have reached a sufficient length about 2 inches (5 cm) plant the seed, burying it for three quarters in the soil.

How to make a mango sprout.

Take the seed from a mango fruit. 
Open the largest seed to extract the seed suitable for sprouting. 
Line a plastic container with a piece of absorbent paper and lay it on top of the seed. 
Wrap the seed and wet the paper with plenty of water. 
Eliminate excess water. 
The mango seed will take about 10 days to sprout. 
Plant the seed horizontally, taking care not to interfere with the sprout. 
Place the vase in bright light and keep the earth moist.

How to make a fig sprout.

Collect a well-ripened fig from a wild plant. 
With a spoon, collect the pulp and rinse it under running water to isolate the seeds that will sprout. 
Let the water evaporate and dry the seeds (it will take one or two days). 
Isolate the seeds from the pulp once more, then put them in water for half an hour. 
Spread the seeds on the soil in a plant pot and cover them with a thin layer of soil. 
Water the soil and keep it constantly moist.

How to make a lemon sprout (also valid for other citrus fruits).

Take the seeds from a lemon. 
Rinse them under running water. 
With the help of your nails, open the seeds slightly. 
Bury them horizontally in the soil. 
Moisten the soil, then cover with a piece of paper to maintain the correct humidity. 
The seeds will take about a week to sprout. 
Keep the soil moist.


How to make a pistachio sprout.

Immerse the pistachio seeds in water to make them rehydrate. 
Wrap the seeds in a piece of absorbent paper and moisten the latter with plenty of water. 
The pistachio seeds will take about 5 days to sprout. 
When the root has reached 1/4 of an inch (one centimeter) in length, you can sow the seeds. 
Plant the seeds by burying the root and covering it with a thin layer of soil. 
Keep the soil moist.

How to make an acorn sprout.

Gather some acorns and rub them on a piece of sandpaper to thin out the part where the sprout will appear. 
Wrap the seeds in paper towels and moisten them with plenty of water. 
Acorns usually take about three weeks to sprout. 
You can plant the seeds when the roots have reached 2 inches (5 cm) in length.