Garlic as a natural repellent against…
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Garlic as a natural repellent against plant parasites: an excellent infusion that keeps away aphids and fungi

May 10, 2020 • By Alison Forde

More and more people are passionate about the world of gardening and plan to take it up in their own garden or even on their balcony. In fact, to have some aromatic herbs plants or a small supply of lettuce and tomatoes, you don't necessarily need large plots of land and even those who live in an apartment can try with their own means to grow some beautiful plants. If we constantly irrigate according to what the plant wants and if we manage to keep the soil healthy, we should not have particular problems to deal with. Sooner or later, however, you will have to deal with some invasion of insects or parasites: do not be discouraged, professionals also fight daily to eradicate the most common diseases of plants! In this article, we see how to make a great natural repellent, without resorting to pesticides or other toxic and harmful products.

Especially if we are going to grow vegetables and herbs that, presumably, we will use in the kitchen and that will end up in our cooking, we must make sure that we do not use toxic substances to try to solve the problem of insects. We always opt for a biological solution. Garlic, for example, is an excellent natural ally in the vegetable garden and if used intelligently it can lead to excellent results. We can prepare two different types of natural repellents with garlic: an undiluted infusion, useful against aphids and mites, and a garlic solution diluted with water that can be used as a natural fungicide.

The properties of garlic:

Garlic has several antibacterial properties - in particular, it contains a natural antibiotic substance called "allicin", which is also where it gets its strong odor. This substance is precisely the one capable of fighting fungi and parasites; to get the greatest benefits, in our garden, we will use the shredded, broken or squeezed garlic cloves (we will never use whole garlic cloves).


Undiluted garlic infusion (useful against aphids and mites): crush 75 g of garlic and infuse it in 10 liters of hot water for 5 hours. Once the infusion is obtained, you can spray it undiluted on your plants at regular intervals (every 3 days for example), always during the coolest hours of the day. It is an excellent pesticide, which removes insects in general, and in particular black aphid and red spider mite.

Solution of garlic diluted in 10 liters of water (a natural fungicide): mince 500 g of garlic and let it steep in a container (preferably terracotta) with 10 liters of water, for 24-48 hours. Then you can use it diluted in another 10 liters of water: spray it on the soil of your garden to prevent the formation of fungal diseases, such as pernospora. The solution should be administered at regular 1 week intervals.

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