Hideous bathrooms: 18 people managed…
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Hideous bathrooms: 18 people managed to capture some of the most unsightly designs around

March 04, 2021 • By Dominic Quirke

The bathroom is definitely an indispensable room in a home. Taking care of your hygiene and dedicating some time for yourself there is essential. Very often, the bathroom that offers us the opportunity to relax more, perhaps with a nice warm bath. Sink, toilet, shower/tub and bidet cannot be missing in a self-respecting bathroom, but in addition to practicality, the eye also wants its part: a pleasant design will certainly be more comforting, don't you think? Sometimes, however, it seems that designers and all those who design certain bathrooms completely forget the aesthetic factor, as well as the practical one, giving life to bathrooms that leave a lot to be desired. Look at these photos to understand the discomfort we are describing!

To have a shower in this bathroom ought to be considered an extreme sport

The bathroom with too many stairs ...

If we consider the fact that each of us uses the bathroom between 5 and 7 times a day, for a total of 2500 times a year, we will discover an incredible and substantial number of minutes spent in this room that can even reach a total of 3 months! Or 3 years! Men in particular seem to spend a lot of time in the bathroom, almost as if it were their personal space, to be exploited for a period of time dedicated exclusively to them. Usually it is minutes and hours that are spent on the phone, avoiding children or overwhelming partners. On the other hand, where else do you get more privacy if not in the bathroom?


How comfortable washing your hands in this sink ...

If the toilet paper falls down the stairs its a big problem...

"Its a bit complicated, I'll explain to you now..."

Although the bathroom can be furnished in the way matches your taste, those installed in public places are not in the slightest. It is no coincidence, therefore, that it is precisely in these bathrooms that there is the highest possibility of finding oneself in front of very unusual designs!


They thought they were maybe giving more privacy to customers...

A tap of dubious taste and apparently slightly impractical. Certainly very creative!


The jet of water comes straight out ... directly onto the opposite wall!

There doesn't seem to be anything sensible in the composition of this bathroom


In the bathroom of this restaurant they don't want you to wash your hands with soap...

For those who suffer dizziness maybe this isn't ideal...

image: Imgur

There is a bit of humidity in the bedroom...

Here is the jump of the obstacle...

image: Pinterest

Spending too much time sitting on the toilet can pose health risks, but even these ultra-designed bathrooms can have unexpected obstacles. Its enough just to look at the step to overcome in these small bathrooms!

A throne to sit on...

image: Reddit

Who would ever have thought of such a floor design?

Yes, its much more complicated than it seems...

Are you satisfied with the bathroom in your home? Have you ever come across terrifying public toilets? We bet you have, but we want to hear yours in the comments!

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