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Nightmare Homes: 20 photos of apartments…
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Nightmare Homes: 20 photos of apartments that some real estate agents have done their best to sell

March 21, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The choice of a house, whether to rent or to buy, is never trivial, even if of course taking out a mortgage is definitely more demanding than simply renting. Often, customers get lost in the thousands of options and can't make up their minds, while others find nothing that meets their high standards in the least. Choosing the house where you will live "forever", in fact, is not easy and certainly not a decision to be taken lightly. You never know for sure what nasties might be hiding around the corner, even if the house looks perfect. Then there are those (desperate) cases in which it appears clear and obvious what's wrong: design of dubious taste, encrusted walls, architectural elements positioned without a specific purpose, and so on. In short, there are a number of houses for sale, or for rent, that we fail to understand how they can have a chance on the market. Real estate agents know this well and also know how difficult it is to offload ugly houses to their clients. In this list we wanted to collect some of the ugliest houses that ever went up for sale.

1. A four-poster bath tub surrounded by carpet?

It is not uncommon to find carpet in the bathroom in some homes, especially in colder climates, but despite this, not many people appreciate it. Carpet itself is a breeding ground for bacteria - imagine the bathroom, where moisture and mold increase the risk of turning the smallest room into a very unhealthy environment! 

2. Use spaces to the fullest, they said ...and maximise the feeling of space with mirrors


3. Even the pillows have a terrified expression!

4. They failed to give us a convincing explanation

Real estate agents who are the holders of the keys to these houses and are also the ones who must try at all costs to persuade customers to buy them. But what to do when you are faced with certain scenarios? A job that, in some ways, seems increasingly difficult.

5. Do you suffer from claustrophobia?

In many countries, the toilet is separated from the so-called bathroom, which only includes the sink and tub (or shower), but in this case it's too much: could you get in there without having a claustrophobic panic attack?


6. There is some humidity in the bedroom, but nothing that cannot be resolved ...

7. What an eyesore...


8. A rather strange stylistic choice...

9. We have no words to describe this horror...


10. It's difficult to look at this room without sunglasses!

A well-kept kitchen with great attention to detail, no doubt about it. Too bad they chose this rather insistent lemon yellow ... it's quite blinding! 

11. Looks like at least the tub has curtains ...

In this room everything seems to be close at hand, but we're not convinced a bathtub in the bedroom is a great idea, or the carpet all around the tub. 

12. Someone here had only one job to do, and yet ...

The internet is full of photos that perfectly illustrate the inabilities of some people. We are talking about those individuals who were assigned a single task and who had to do nothing else but get their job done ... but who, in the end, failed miserably!

Those who choose to live in this house with the decentralized chandelier will have to do a lot of meditation before being able to accept it (or move it!).

13. A slip getting out of this bathtub could be FATAL!

14. So here you can bathe while keeping an eye on the oven...

It is not clear to us how such disorganization can exist in the internal architecture of any house. Could it be the result of strange decisions made by the previous owners? What is certain is that a bathtub has rarely been seen in a kitchen! 

15. Someone has a passion for floral patterns ...

16. If you are in the mood for conversation ...

17. A cozy drawing of a fire in the fireplace: what could warm you more on a winter's night?

18. "Honey, look what I found on the stair landing!"

19. Inviting...

 It's going to take quite a lot of work to get this pool clean and back in working order. Who knows if it's worth it ...

20. Do you like your bathroom clean and clinical or dark and mysterious...welcome to the murky lair of the Frog King!

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