Combine 3 IKEA shelves ... and get a spacious and economical desk! -
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Combine 3 IKEA shelves ... and get a…
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Combine 3 IKEA shelves ... and get a spacious and economical desk!

July 08, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Do you need a new office desk or do you just want a new look? The solutions on the market are surely many, but also quite expensive!

However, at other times, you may instead just want to personalize your furniture a bit more and the products you find do not satisfy your passion for DIY projects.

In this case, you might find interesting this project by Vikkie Williams and her husband, in fact, the married couple, needed a large desk with an artisanal flavor and look.

Would you like to copy or take inspiration from what they did? You do not need anything more than three shelves, some wood, and a little patience.

1. Place two shelves at the desired distance and join them together with wooden planks and bolts.

 2. Similarly, proceed to attach the third shelf to the other two, to form an L-shape.


3. Place over the previously joined shelves an L-shaped wooden board cut in the same measurements as the three shelves.

4. Decorate your desk and shelves as you like and ... enjoy, completely happy the final result!

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