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11 do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to…
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11 do-it-yourself (DIY) projects to turn simple IKEA furniture into a design piece

May 07, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

For some years now, it is impossible to think of the concept of "house" without the mind automatically associating it with the IKEA brand.

The well-known Swedish multinational company has come to dominate the furniture market with its essential furniture (to the point of creating a style that is now recognizable) that is suitable for all budgets. 

In parallel, the do-it-yourself (DIY) projects aimed at modifying and transforming IKEA furniture, often starting from the most anonymous and economical pieces up to decidedly more ambitious results, have multiplied over the years.

In fact, here is a selection of 11 particularly successful projects.

IKEA ---  RAST chest of drawers

image: IKEA/RAST

By removing the round knobs and then painting and adding details in leather and brass, you get a very convincing result.


IKEA --- OTTAWA chandelier


A coat of copper-colored paint gives this chandelier a much more vintage and elegant look.

image: Kojo Designs

IKEA --- EKBY BJÄRNUM jointing brackets

Also, in this case, gold or copper paint changes completely the appearance.


IKEA --- RAST chest of drawers

image: IKEA/RAST

Laying an old door covered with a plexiglass on a chest of drawers and adding table legs, you get a perfect work desk. The DIY project is completed by a coat of varnish and the replacement of the knobs with metal handles.

image: Sconosciuto

  IKEA --- BILLY bookcase with OXBERG glass doors


A series of bookcases with OXBERG glass doors were used to create an extremely elegant bookshelf wall. In this DIY project BORGSJO bookcases were used, which are no longer in production. But the same effect can be achieved by combining the new BILLY series bookcases.


IKEA --- COMFORT kitchen cart


With a coat of gray paint, a metallic handle, and an elegant marble top, this kitchen cart became a very stylish piece of furniture.

IKEA --- BILLY bookcase


In this case, decorated edges and a rolling ladder to accentuate the library effect were added to the structure created with BILLY bookcases.

IKEA --- Base for a SEKTION wardrobe


By adding doors and a black overhanging shelf, a multifunctional unit can be  created.

image: Made By Girl

IKEA --- WITTSJÖ shelf unit


A coat of primer and then a base coat of golden paint can make this shelf unit much more elegant and chic.

image: Decor-Eat

IKEA --- TULLSTA armchairs


By applying a fake edging made with dark cording, you can completely change the look of the armchairs.


A dark color and a fake metal strip give the lamp a great personality.

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