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5 appliances that consume electricity…
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5 appliances that consume electricity even when turned off and weigh on the electric bill

June 26, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

From year to year, we add more and more electric roommates to our homes.

The development of technology has surrounded us with devices that are certainly very useful but must be kept under control.

In fact, many of the appliances we believe turned off are actually partially turned on and continue to consume energy without us realizing it. 

For this reason, we want to bring your attention to five situations in which you are wasting energy and probably do not know it.

General advice --- unplug electric cables

image: Max Pixel

This is a general advice that applies to all appliances. In fact, almost every appliance that is plugged in is consuming energy. Clearly, it is not a compulsive operation, but it is a gesture to consider if you are absent from home for medium to long periods. 

Now let's look at the 5 appliances that consume energy even if they are turned off.

1. Computers and tablets

image: pxhere

Not only do we recommend switching them off instead of sending them on standby, but it is good practice not to leave them in charge ad libitum. They can consume up to 96 watts a day.


2. Watch the timers!

image: Wikimedia

A method to find out which appliance is adding costs to the bill is to check your timers. If they are turned on, the appliance is also consuming, whether it is an oven or a DVD player. These can consume up to 108 watts per day

3. TV with the light on / off

It is one of the classic examples but it is always good to remember! If your TV has the classic light on, which turns red when you press the OFF button, it is not off, it is only on standby. Be sure to turn it off manually because it can consume up to 24 watts per day more.

 4. Phone charger

image: pexels

Not only is it inadvisable to leave your devices charging indefinitely, but it would be better to unplug the recharger! A phone charger that is plugged in wastes more than one watt per day.


5. Decoder and other accessories

image: pixabay

In addition to the TV, check what surrounds it, such as decoders, DVD players, Chromecasts, and all the devices that work together with a modern TV. They often have special remote controls and are not only left on standby but are sometimes even switched on!

They can cost you up to 24 watts per day.

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