Here is how to choose and clean a stainless steel water bottle as a practical alternative to plastic bottles

Shirley Marie Bradby

August 30, 2019

Here is how to choose and clean a stainless steel water bottle as a practical alternative to plastic bottles

The problem regarding plastic pollution is becoming an increasingly discussed topic and on which, fortunately, awareness is growing.

Moreover, there are many small daily gestures that each of us can do to avoid making the situation worse.

For example, we need to rethink the objects that surround us day by day so that we are not constantly presenting nature with another difficult - if not impossible - plastic object to be disposed of.

Plastic bottles are certainly among the plastic objects that we use the most. Thus, an economical and above all, environmentally friendly solution would be to drink from a water bottle.

Let's see how to choose an eco-friendly water bottle and keep it clean and in the best condition possible.

via Journal of Exercise Physiology



There are more and more people who decide to buy metal water bottles to carry with them instead of the traditional and polluting plastic bottles. This choice is certainly commendable and eco-friendly, but requires some knowledge.

First of all, it is better to choose an aluminum or stainless steel water bottle with a removable bottom, so that this lower part can be easily accessed for proper cleaning. Furthermore, these materials guarantee strength and durability.

In addition, it is preferable to have a wide and not narrow opening which also allows for better and more thorough cleaning, especially if you use a bottle brush.

Remember that drinking from the same container day after day means exposing it to the risk of contaminating it with bacteria, algae, fungi, and other microorganisms that tend to proliferate in wet environments.

Although the preferred materials to purchase, namely aluminum and stainless steel, are non-toxic, they too are at risk of hosting germs, as a scientific study has shown.

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But there is no need to worry! Just remember to thoroughly wash out your stainless steel water bottle every day. However, one rinse with water is not enough.

In fact, when possible, you should fill the container with hot water and a little dishwashing liquid, close it, shake it vigorously and then rinse it.

The same procedure must be applied to the bottle cap and mouthpiece. A natural alternative to liquid soap can be white vinegar, diluted with water and left inside the water bottle for a few hours.

However, the simplest way of all to thoroughly sanitize these water bottles is always the dishwasher, obviously, if it is possible to wash the bottles at high temperatures.

In conclusion - with some precautions, all that remains is to wish everyone -- a clean and happy eco-friendly water bottle!