This puppy was abandoned inside a plastic bag, but a woman's intervention saved it just in time! -
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This puppy was abandoned inside a plastic…
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This puppy was abandoned inside a plastic bag, but a woman's intervention saved it just in time!


Human beings sometimes act in strange ways and against any maternal or humane instinct.

This is why, more and more often, we read articles about the mistreatment and abuse of animals that could not have been conceived or perpetrated by a sane individual.

Case in point is what happened to a puppy named Bobby that was abandoned in the street inside a plastic bag when he was only five weeks old. The poor helpless puppy was so small and weak that he could not free himself from that plastic deathtrap.

Fortunately, a woman noticed the little bundle inside the plastic bag and approached to see what it was. Imagine her surprise and consternation when she saw a little black creature, only a few weeks old come crawling out of the plastic bag!

How could anyone leave a puppy as adorable as Bobby to die in those conditions?

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If Ramona Cunningham had not promptly intervened to save that little creature, Bobby probably would not have made it. The woman immediately contacted the Coolronan dog shelter to ask for assistance.

One of the owners of the shelter said: "The woman who found him contacted us immediately because the little puppy looked very sick and could barely walk." 

Despite the poor condition in which the puppy was found, Ramona and her husband, Chris, were immediately very determined to take care of Bobby and adopt him forever. "He was very weak and malnourished, so much so that he could not even stand up because the muscles in his hind legs were not yet well-formed."


Thanks to the care and love of his two new owners Bobby improved a lot and already within a few days he was able to start walking on his little black paws again. Now he runs and walks like any other happy and energetic puppy.

After the rescue, the couple shared Bobby's photo on social media and received many requests for adoption. But they had already realized that they really did not want to give this little sweet puppy away to strangers!


"My husband Chris fell in love with him, it's very sweet to see such a special bond. Our other six dogs are females, so I think it's time for Chris to have someone by his side."

A story with a happy ending, fortunately, for this little puppy who had to fight hard for its survival after only a few days of life.

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