A dog was about to drown in a water…
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A dog was about to drown in a water reservoir; after police saved him, he can't stop hugging them

July 22, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

When we think about stray dogs, we probably envision a wild animal capable of roughing it alone. The truth of the matter is that they act like that because they have no other choice. It's common knowledge that domesticated dogs, or domesticated animals in general, live much longer than what stray ones do. This is because they are exposed to harsher elements and don't have a safe place to stay that offers them constant shelter/food and water. This doesn't mean that they can't show thankfulness or affection when someone does something to help them. Just like in the story we are about to share with you. 

At the beginning of July 2020, a stray dog located in Almeria, Spain, was entrapped in a water resevior, with little luck of getting himself out. Just when he thought he was going to drown, a couple police officers climbed down into the resevoir and saved the dog's life. The resevoir is located on a farm, and when the landowner noticed a dog stuck at the bottom, he called the police station immediately. 

They presume that the dog had been abandoned... he may have went to the bottom of the resevoir to drink some water and fell in not to longer after. After struggling to get out for what was probably hours, they dog decided to give up trying. Luckily, the officers arrived in just the nick of time, otherwise the poor creature would have drowned.


The edges of the resevoir were extremely slippery, so the officers understood quickly why the dog had such difficulty getting out. They decided to utilize a wooden palette and metal wire to try to pull the dog out (see the picture above). The first try didn't go well; the wire connected to the wooden palette snapped in two halfway up. That's when one of the officers ended up climbing into the resevoir himself and, while holding onto the wire, he hoisted himself and his furry friend to safety. 

Once they reached the top, the animal waisted no time in thanking the officer that rescued him. The officer's colleagues caught the entire episode on video and later published it on their website stating, "to serve and protect, no matter the species".

Thanks to these officers who are dedicated to serving their community, this dog is now safe and sound! If you watch the video, you'll see how happy and grateful the dog is that someone took the time to rescue him! Way to go, officers!

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