His boat starts sinking unexpectedly…
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His boat starts sinking unexpectedly in the middle of the ocean: his dog stays by his side for 11 hours, finally finding someone to rescue them

March 14, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

A dog that's been well-treated by his owner is one that will never leave his side, no matter what the circumstances are. It's a sensation that fisherman Lance Schloss knows all too well. And for the better, we should add. Less than a month ago, the 63-year-old's boat capsized and the only reason he survived to tell the tale is thanks to his german shepherd, Heidi. 

It all happened when the duo set out for a fishing trip around Moreton Bay, an island located close to the coast of Queensland, Australia. For reasons unknown, the boat began taking on water and - within a matter of minutes - Schloss and Heidi found themselves struggling to stay afloat.   

With no one else in sight, and a motor that was no longer working, Schloss and heidi clung on to the boat for dear life. For 11 long hours, Heidi trod water and, albeit exhausted and hungry, she never left her owner's side.  

Although it seemed like an eternity, someone finally spotted them in the water. It was around 6 in the morning, and the fisherman that found them said it was because he noticed something treading in the water near his boat. That object ended up being Heidi. The fisherman alerted the Brisbane police, who immediately took action and brought Schloss and Heidi back to safety.


Once on land, Schloss was taken to the hospital while Heidi was taken to the vet. Both, luckily, were in good health and showed no signs of injury.  



After Schloss was released from the hospital, the police couldn't help but capture the emotional reunion between Schloss and his dog in this photo. Heidi's love and faithfulness to her owner should be a reminder to us all that a bond between humans and their animals should not be taken for granted. Chances are, they might save your life one day.  


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