A courageous courier took off his uniform…
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A courageous courier took off his uniform and threw himself into a frozen pond to save a dog in difficulty

March 10, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When you are on duty and crossing Montana with your delivery van, among the inhospitable icy roads of the country, and you hear a request for help coming in the middle of nowhere, you definitely have the instinct to stop. Maybe not everyone would have, but Ryan Arens didn't think twice about pulling on the handbrake and getting out of his UPS van to discover what was going on. The man then found a dog stuck in an icy pond who was desperately seeking help. The courageous courier, a great lover of animals as well as a human being with a big heart, immediately ran to it's aid.

"It seemed like a cry for help," said the courier, "but I couldn't understand where it came from". Then everything became clearer: a dog was stuck in an icy pond and it's life was at risk. Arens, who also has two dogs, knew that something was wrong: although it was not the coldest day of the year, finding a dog swimming in a pond with those temperatures did not seem like a normal event.

Arens took off his uniform and hat and headed for the unfortunate animal. Another older man was trying to approach the dog in a boat; Arens threw himself into the water, holding on to the boat with one hand, in an attempt to hook the dog. The fear was terrible, the man admitted, above all because in that situation he could have slipped under the ice and would no longer be able to re-emerge. Luckily the dog had a collar and Arens was able to hold on to it to save it.


Meanwhile, the owner of Sadie (this is the name of the sweet dog) was looking for her everywhere and was extremely relieved when she was finally able to hug her again. UPS driver Ryan Arens was celebrated as a true hero.

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