11 beneficial properties of basil and…
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11 beneficial properties of basil and how to make it flourish also at home!

June 06, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

This is a classic case when we can say "a name, a destiny". In fact, the basil plant, whose very name derives from the Greek word basilikon and means "royal plant", cannot wrongly be considered the king of aromatic plants.

Widespread in the Italian culinary tradition, it is a spice plant originally from India, that is also widely used in Asian cuisines.

Its fame - and its name - are to be attributed not only to its wide use in the gastronomic field but also to the many other beneficial properties that this plant hides behind its modest appearance and intense fragrance.

Beneficial properties of basil and how to exploit them!

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The basil plant, in its many variations, contains precious essential oils, which give it its characteristic fragrance in different shades. In particular, the common widespread species in Italy owes its aroma to eugenol, a chemical substance also present in cloves; other species share the substances responsible for the typical scent of lemon, mint, and licorice. 

In general, basil presents the following properties: 

  • anti-inflammatory 
  • antioxidant 
  • analgesic 
  • antipyretic 
  • hepatoprotective 
  • antistress 
  • protects blood vessels  
  • strengthens the immune system
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But just what are the useful potentialities of the basil plant?

 1. Head. The leaves of the basil plant are good for the nerves and can improve memory. Furthermore, they are an excellent remedy for headaches. In what way? Simply by massaging the head with basil oil or fresh basil leaves, or drinking a decoction made with basil leaves. 

 2. Respiratory system.  Basil is used for eliminating the catarrh from the bronchi and not by chance, it is an important component of cough syrups and expectorants. 

 3. Influenza and cold. In these cases, a decoction based on basil, cloves, and sea salt can be an effective remedy. 

 4. Sore throat. Against this annoyance, you can try a good and simple herbal tea, prepared with boiling water and basil leaves which have anti-inflammatory properties. To drink or use for gargling. 

 5. Kidneys. Another easy preparation to make is basil juice or an infusion made with basil leaves which with the addition of honey, helps to strengthen the kidneys. 

 6. Heart. Basil helps reduce blood cholesterol levels by acting as a cardioprotector. 

 7. Stress. Recent studies show the effectiveness of this aromatic herb in fighting anxiety and stress. 

 8. Mouth and stomach. As a mouthwash, basil juice is indicated to fight inflammation of the oral cavity. 

 9. Insects. Basil is a practical natural repellent, which keeps mosquitoes away and helps to eliminate mosquito larvae - it is advisable to place basil plants near water sources. 

10. Parasite mushrooms. This aromatic plant has known fungicidal properties that can be exploited to maintain a completely biological vegetable garden. 

11. Skin. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, basil juice can be applied on reddened and irritated skin, but also on pimples and acne with good results. 

(Despite the many beneficial properties of basil, do not be tempted to replace it with your doctor!) In any case, contact a specialist.)



In light of its many beneficial properties, there is nothing left for you to do but cultivate basil plants at home! Cultivating basil is very simple, in fact, it is suitable for indoors as well as outdoors. It is a plant that can grow a lot; so, if you do not have a lot of space, choose a medium-sized vase, so as to control the plant's growth, by restraining its roots. Expose your basil plants to the sun and water them regularly. Remember, to cut off the white flowers that will appear periodically, to avoid the plants becoming too woody.

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