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20 design horrors so absurd that it…
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20 design horrors so absurd that it is hard to believe that they were actually realized ...

July 24, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Someone thinks of it, someone produces it, and someone evaluates the results ... The realization of a project usually includes several stages of processing and the use of professionalism to check each stage of its development.

Yet, who knows how --- sometimes, it happens that the end result is not only bizarre but even nonsensical or logically contrary to its own nature!

Projects can be carefully designed, but nevertheless, they may still end up having characteristics very different from those that were imagined!

So, tell us you if what you see makes you laugh or does it make you cry?!

1. A study about the pollution caused by plastic waste was mailed in two plastic wrappers!

image: dumbomb

2. The car dealer that makes you sign your name on a sheet of paper where you declare that you're not a robot ...

image: MarciRobin

3. A newspaper that talks about Donald Trump but uses a photo of the actor that parodies him!

4. The words "you are here" which in this case are not accompanied by a map ...

image: 123Erik123

5. Here's where NOT to place the soap dispenser in a bathroom.

image: Aero-Space

6. This year, for Father's Day, give dad a huge butcher's knife!

image: KROXON

7. What is the color you would use for this family of Dalmatian dogs?

image: TheJamster95

8. And when do you expire?

9. The half-illuminated sign with words that turn into a really scary message!

image: savvyfuck

10. A product with pictures and words that are rather controversial, when you take a closer look!

image: C0II1n

11. "My girlfriend's two-year-old daughter's birthday cake!"

image: randyfloyd37

12. When the word "serve" can create a misunderstanding. Here it is not clear if they also serve pizza AND humans to be eaten ...

image: googhosty

13. The person who chose the color for the bathroom walls must have a peculiar sense of humor!

image: Xuhale

14. And here we continue with the series of the most absurd nonsense concerning bathrooms, those regarding the terms of privacy. Zero!

image: house_monkey

15. Case in point!

image: Shiawase__

16. And to confirm ...

image: Queenbach

17. How to comment on this?

image: BirbCabbage

18. The yellow tent that provides shade for the swimming pool area but colors the water YELLOW ...

image: Ferosso

19. The "clearest" pie chart that you have ever seen!

image: g0jirasan

20. And finally a seat designed for people who really did not want to watch the game (or at least that's the only explanation we could give ourselves!).

image: Reddit
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