15 make-ups so over the top that they make us appreciate the beauty of a untouched face

Makeup is used to improve one's appearance, enhance the strong points of one's face and improve - where possible - what we believe to be our weak points: we try to make our eyebrows thicker and more defined,…

16 people bitterly regretted having a tattoo done by an unskilled tattoo artist

Repentance: all of us, sooner or later, experience this feeling. We regret having done, or not having done, something and with difficulty we try to find a remedy - if possible. But what if a remedy is…

15 people photographed the things made their day a decidedly unlucky one

Some days they feel different to others. You can feel it in the air, when there is something that makes everything go wrong, to the point of expecting something unfortunate at any minute. Days like this…

20 design horrors so absurd that it is hard to believe that they were actually realized ...

Someone thinks of it, someone produces it, and someone evaluates the results ... The realization of a project usually includes several stages of processing and the use of professionalism to check each…
Absurd Design Fail

27 images that are the exact definition of what it means to have a bad day

The writer and radio host Leonard L. Levinson said that there are three ways of living life: as a pessimist, seeing the glass always half empty, like a philosopher, looking at the positive and negative…
Fail Funny

25 people who made purchases online and now regret it BITTERLY

Comfortable, fast, often particularly convenient --- online purchases represent the future, if not the present, of shopping! However, for those who are beginners, it is possible that online shopping can…
Fail Funny

Here are some of the most embarrassing counterfeit products you've ever seen!

When creating a brand for a product, the first thing to do is register it to protect it from the improper use of third parties. However, even the largest companies are not able to control all the counterfeit…
Fail Funny

20 people who got a tattoo but would have done better to have stayed at home

We do not know to what extent a tattoo artist can make a client change their mind about a tattoo design that simply should not be drawn on anyone's skin, and we also do not know with what nerve a person…
Absurd Fail Fashion

20 anonymous photos that the "panorama" function transformed into authentic masterpieces

Smartphones and cameras today allow us to take so-called panoramic photos, obtained thanks to a sort of mosaic of images placed next to each other that allow us to enlarge the angle of the frame and widen…

These 24 people are definitely having a day that is worse than yours!

It happens to everyone to wake up full of energy and optimism towards the world and then ... BAM! ... suddenly find themselves in a situation so unfortunate and unpleasant that it squelches all enthusiasm.…
Fail Funny

27 design fails that are unexplainable unless you attribute them to the madness of those who made them!

Do you know what you mean when it comes to burnout? It is an expression that indicates, in the workplace, a moment of exasperation, of excessive stress that affects the private life and/or health of…
Design Fail Funny

15 do-it-yourself projects that went so far as to become hilarious!

Do-it-yourself and upcycling projects are a great way to engage the head (and hands) and to limit unnecessary waste of materials. We are absolutely in favor and support initiatives of this kind, but browsing…
DIY Fail Funny

21 memorable advertisements placed in the "wrong" place!

In addition to photography, slogans, and graphic arts, the advertisers who design billboards and street signs can also employ another very useful factor to convey their message, namely, strategic positioning.…
Fail Funny

23 images of people whose day has started very badly ...

The way in which misfortune can manifest itself in our lives can take incredibly varied forms.  Unpleasant and strange events can occur in every moment of life without us being able to do much in regards, but…
Absurd Fail Funny

26 funny pictures of people for whom the day started in the worst way

Murphy's law is a set of paradoxical pseudo-scientific rules that describe some aspects of human life by mocking the negativity that afflicts people every day. The first axiom, which in general sums…
Fail Funny

Nightmare playgrounds! Here are some of the most sensational and funny design mistakes ever!

If accompanying children to a playground is certainly better than leaving them at home in front of the TV or taking them to a depressing and crowded shopping center, nevertheless, you should not choose…
Cute Fail Games

These absurd cooking failures will make you feel like a chef!

Before browsing through this photo gallery, we want to give you some advice! If you have guests for dinner and you are not a chef, never make the mistake of preparing something you have never made before,…
Fail Food Funny

16 reckless workers who have no idea what job safety means

When you have a job to do, the first thing is to make sure that the appropriate security measures have been taken to protect those who are doing the work and the people around them. No activity, not…

30 clamorous design errors that will make you burst out laughing!

When you are about to design something, be it an architectural component or a product box, the first thing you should think about is functionality. What good is a beautiful object, if it is absolutely…
Fail Funny Jobs

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