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30 clamorous design errors that will…
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30 clamorous design errors that will make you burst out laughing!

January 25, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When you are about to design something, be it an architectural component or a product box, the first thing you should think about is functionality. What good is a beautiful object, if it is absolutely useless? 

Of course, we are not talking about artistic expressions, which have a completely different concept of functionality, but commonly used objects that have become hilarious masterpieces of disaster due to an unexpected design hitch. 

In this photo gallery, we have collected 30 examples, and we are sure that they will give you a good laugh!

1. These shirt buttons came straight out of a horror movie!

2. How many arms does the university rector have?


3. The shape of this mat is not the most elegant ...

image: reddit

4. Not exactly what was expected when looking at the label!

5. A portrait of a person on a sock? --- A very bad idea.


6. The worst place to put a red flower

7. Discretion is fine, but put even toilet paper in a bathroom cabinet !?


8. And here we have a duck with four legs

image: imgur

9. This staircase must have been designed to make people fall down the stairs!


10. Poor girl ... we hope she never sees him!

11. "And as your child grows, you can simply extend the headrest." And Cinderella's neck!

12. That moment when you find out why the radiator does not work!

13. The earth is not round or flat. The Earth is Poland.

14. This designer will have to find another job ...

image: Kavrex/reddit

15. This device will calm your Rottweiler and turn it into a Dobermann!

image: zapfoe/reddit

16. We hope that no one ever uses this bicycle path!

17. Ok, you have tried us ...

18. If anyone did not know that mice have two noses, now they know it!

image: reddit

19. Let's face it, the official doll that portrays Emma Watson in "Beauty and the Beast" is HORRIBLE.

image: Yzre/reddit

20. Imagine having to move out of this condominium ... You'd better just throw the furniture out of the window!

21. A good idea to put the benches under the opening ...

22. Was someone in the bathroom during the geography lesson?

image: imgur

23. It's a trap to confuse us!

24. This yoga mat is inadvertently pessimistic --- Nothing is (im) possible.

25. Being transformed into an A ...

26. The pastry chef did not want to send this couple a photo of the wedding cake topper until the wedding day. When they opened the wedding cake box they understood why.

27. If you stare at it for more than two seconds you will become crazy.

image: xxoyez/reddit

28. Happy 20170 to you and your family!

29. They wanted to give pillow cushions to their mom for Mother's Day. Maybe these are more suitable for Halloween ...

30. Please keep this car window up!

image: reddit
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