18 "Mission Impossible" situations that…
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18 "Mission Impossible" situations that were resolved thanks to a bit of mad genius!

August 26, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It is fascinating to see the way many people, especially men are able to find solutions to problems that are apparently impossible to solve.

Sometimes, the solutions undertaken are so crazy and creative that they stretch the limits of the possible and of our conceptions of physics.

Those we are about to show you are 18 solutions to "mission impossible" situations. Here, even Tom Cruise would have to make way for these ingenious and above all courageous heroes!

1. The level of trust that exists between these two colleagues is very high!

2. Alternative lifting methods. The tranquility of man under the mower is mind-boggling!


3. Changing a light bulb is definitely not a problem for them.

4. How they managed to fit all of this in and on top of this van --- is still unknown.

5. The most precious ally of tender toes, in the fight against sharp furniture edges and corners!


6. Safety --- first of all ...

7. When the TV screen is not big enough for you to play video games.


8. This guy forgot his protective eye goggles but apparently just squeezing his eyes shut works just as well!

9. This dog does not like to get its nails trimmed. But it had to resign itself to its fate when faced with its owner's ingenious solution!


10. This is probably a dentist's car. You can understand this from the homemade side mirror!

11. With cardboard and cellophane tape you can repair everything, even the floor!

12. This guy uses balance bar gymnastics to prune hedges!

13. Remaining on the subject of balancing acts, this guy is offering some stiff competition!

14. A new and rather curious way to transport bulky items.

15. This man is herding his sheep, and it's brilliant!

16. The bedside table was too short, so why not just attach it to the wall?

17. An alternative solution for work helmets.

18. A very original and highly flammable welder's helmet!

Obviously, no one should try to imitate these people, these are professional geniuses! Are you also able to face "mission impossible" situations with the same dose of madness and genius?

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