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When there is no desire to work: 16…
16 funny solutions devised by people without any money but with a big brain! 20 people who requested a specific haircut and their hairdresser understood them on the fly!

When there is no desire to work: 16 workers that no one would want in their company

February 15, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Do you remember those days when you have absolutely no desire to do what your supervisor has asked you to do? Those days when you'd prefer to be fired rather than get out of bed

In cases like these, there are basically two types of workers. There are those who nevertheless decide to honor their work commitment, and, although with extreme reluctance, carry out their task at least sufficiently; and then there are those who, on the contrary, really do not give a damn about keeping their job!

Today we are talking about this second category! Here are 16 workers who did not really want to do their jobs, and they clearly demonstrated this with rather questionable results.

1. Ok, they parked in the wrong place ... but did they really deserve this?

2. A ruined picnic!


3. Privacy first of all ...

4. Do you really think this will keep pedestrians away from this sidewalk?

5. Was this done on purpose to annoy perfectionists?


6. Always better than nothing ...

7. Who would have the courage to park their car here?


8. Draw a line along the sidewalk. No matter what!

9. There are also those who create tree beds at random ...


10. Next time, it would be better not to leave the plumber alone ...

11. Fortunately, there is a red stop sign to clear up any confusion!

12. Are you kidding?

13. We hope it will not be necessary to inspect the sewers in the future ...

14. This obviously demonstrates how to use your head when you are working!

15. A sign partially embedded in a wall. Why not?

16. Yeah, no problem ... Who actually cares about a name, anyway?

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