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20 people who somehow failed in their…
28 designers who need to either go on vacation or change jobs! 15 images of annoying situations that can make you instantly angry!

20 people who somehow failed in their work in an epic way

December 18, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Concentrate and only think about doing your job well! This is a phrase that, clearly, the authors of these disasters must not have taken very seriously. 

Whether the disasters are the result of inexperience, an incredible series of unfortunate events or something truly inexplicable, the damage caused by these work accidents that you are about to see range from just being simply mind-blowing to the truly catastrophic!

Prepare to make your own evaluation!

This is why before doing a magnetic resonance test, it is imperative to make sure that the patient has removed all metal-based objects ...

The view when you have an office in Florida ...


Luckily, there is only one flat tire!

This man is clearly calling the insurance company to figure out whether to tell his boss or to just run and go into hiding!

Being a lifeguard at a professional swimming event definitely does not look very exciting.


After this little accident, vacuuming this floor will have to wait, I'm afraid.

A good journalist should prepare for any eventuality! Does that also include having buckets full of Gatorade thrown in your face?


At this point, the only way to satisfy the owner of this car would be to deliver a brand new car!

This truckload of Grolsch beer is obviously toast ...


Is that the new colleague with whom I will be sharing my office space?

Who knows whose job it is to put everything back in order ?! ...

The boss will be really proud of this work result!

Transporting eggs is a very delicate matter --- never underestimate it!

Bananas and corn on the cob are the same. Didn't you know that?

The first day on the job operating a road marking paint truck ...

As for your legs, well, let's see where you can put them!

The face of someone who is thinking: "But look what had to happen to me today ...'"

Obviously a product packaging error! Was someone a little distracted?

Last but not least --- this incredible --- and disastrous error --- "Just Write Happy Birthday".

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