20 companies that have used marketing…
Here's why we should all have a magic sponge in the house! They took away his dog but a stranger reads his cardboard sign and decides to intervene

20 companies that have used marketing strategies so ingenious as to be unforgettable

March 17, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The quality of a product and the ability to know how to present it well are two areas of commerce that go hand in hand.

In an attempt to sell and associate a positive idea with a brand, a company is continually looking for new, fresh, and fun ideas that hit the mark. 

Those that we have collected here seem to us to have been really well-thought out. In fact, we invite you to view them and tell us if they are not marketing solutions that remain engraved in your mind!

Welcome to a butcher shop!

Here is a clever way to advertise this brand of fruit juice.

image: juicyjuice

The oldest McDonald's of all time is the only one to have incorporated the famous company logo into the architectural structure.

This is probably the cutest barcode you've ever seen (in some countries the right strategy is just that --- presenting the product with a cute barcode!)

Associating the product with recognizable visual elements is important!


IKEA advertises its IKEA Family program by inserting a real and functioning pregnancy test in a magazine!

image: Ikea

We've talked about it here.

The brilliant advertising idea of a company that produces medicine for headaches.

image: drchristopher

Pepperidge Farm advertises itself this way!

Here powerful laxatives are promoted ...

image: dulcolax

Fiat promotes its Stilo equipped with sensors for parking with the words: "Save a pillar".

image: Fiat

These jeans do not even need to display the name!

image: Levi.com

A street ad column with a million reasons to read the news --- in the practical sense of the word!

image: vedomosti

Think about who you will entrust with your car insurance.

image: allstate


image: Peugeot

Share the pleasure of a Coca-Cola.

image: coca-cola

Flyers for classical dance lessons in the form of a tutu!

This fake dog bowl sticker looks so real that even dogs fall for it!

image: pedigree

Amazon relies on the best.

image: Amazon

They sell devices with digital storage spaces ...

image: Moserbaer

How to best enjoy a Guinness beer? This beer coaster tells you how!

image: Guinness

Your new toy has arrived!

image: Ford

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