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21 times when companies have relied…
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21 times when companies have relied on designers with brilliant minds

May 27, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

For a company, advertising is a way to make as many people as possible aware of their business, as well as a way to differentiate themselves from all the other competitors who work in the same field or industry.

How many times, in fact, do we choose one brand rather than another, just for the sympathy that the brand has communicated through their publicity? Most of the time, it is an involuntary behavior, which we implement even if we are not consciously aware of it.

What is not up for discussion, however, is the obvious genius of some of the publicity campaigns --- like these!

The handle of this butcher shop door.

This barcode has been transformed into a cute design.


A movie theater in which the film is not the only attraction.

image: competition

Under an advertising for baby furniture, IKEA had the idea of ​​putting a quick pregnancy test.

image: ikea

Above a blanket of snow ... IKEA announces to give snowmen, obviously to be assembled!

image: ikea

The advertising for a brand of laxatives.

image: dulcolax

How soft are the slices of bread of this brand? Try it on your own skin.


An appeal to safeguard the pillars in parking garages by buying a car equipped with parking sensors!

image: fiat

The advertising for a migraine headache medication.

image: drchristopher

This brand of jeans has chosen a 3D solution to capture the attention of passersby.

image: levi

A million reasons to read the newspaper!

image: vedomosti

When you say you want to do things in a big way ...

image: peugeot

Do not rely on the first person that happens along --- your car should always be in good hands!

image: allstate

Coca-Cola always knows how to attract people and get them to take a look ...

image: coca-cola

Invitations for ballet classes, of course!


image: pedigree

When the company deals with data storage solutions, the truck cannot have any other form!

image: moserbaer

The surveillance post at an Amazon warehouse.

image: amazon

This company has focused on simplicity ... maybe too much!

image: sparkttk

A toy that will make even adults dream.

image: ford

An innovative suitcase for long journeys.


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