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10 women's shoes that take real courage…
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10 women's shoes that take real courage to wear

August 11, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Fashion is pretty important in most females' loves. Although women go crazy for clothes, accessories, and handbags, shoes have a special place in most females' hearts. It's no secret that if a shoes come from a designer label, women will buy them up no matter how weird or absurd they may be. To honor bold designers and stylists everywhere, we've decided to put together a photo gallery of some shoes that really push the limits of what we usually think is fashionable. In any case, someone somewhere absolutely loves them! 

Some designers think that no part of the chicken should be wasted, not even the legs!

The perfect shoes for women wanting to get back at their exes!


In case you're wanting to take your bird out for a stroll with you, these make for the perfect bird cage.

If you're tired of using the mop, you can just buy these beauties...

Anyone a Jurassic park fan? We have just the shoes for you!

In case you're looking for a shoe made of organic material...these cabbage patch shoes are perfect!

We bet that these are the most comfortable platform shoes anyone has ever made...

Only ballerinas can pull these shoes off...

Would anyone like a piece of cherry pie?

If the pie wasn't filling enough, we've got a shoe made of ice cream that would pair really well with it!

We don't know about you guys, but we definitely don't see ourselves wearing these!

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