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Hair from another world: 16 strange…
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Hair from another world: 16 strange hairstyles that made us re-evaluate our look

February 12, 2021 • By Alison Forde

We all like to be noticed by people; whether it's a narcissistic reaction or not, having the spotlight is on us, unless we don't want it, always makes us happy. And what's better than a flashy and absolutely unique haircut or a beard bordering on bad taste to get us noticed? The people who have been immortalized in these nice photographs did their best to get noticed by strangers: and we must admit that they completely succeeded!

Imagine having to go to the cashier and seeing this strange style!

image: Imgur

But is it a head or a microphone?


Well, at least these two heads ... complement each other!

The overall winner of this contest...sorry we're not giving any prizes!

I tried to have my hair done in a bowl cut, but the result didn't convince me in the slightest!


It looks like something out of the Dragonball cartoon!

image: Imgur/Reddit

What the heck was I thinking of when I decided to cut my hair like this?

image: Reddit

Would you dare to queue in the post office like this? :)

The weird hairstyles you can spot on the bus!


A guy who definitely wanted ... to get noticed!

But does he have a hedgehog on his head or have we seen it wrong?

Hair ... curtain!

Rabbit's tail spotted!

image: Reddit

A little too ... clean cut?

We would arrest him for just that haircut!

Well, at least he's happy!


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