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16 hair transformations that let people…
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16 hair transformations that let people be seen in a totally different light ...

November 03, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Sometimes it takes very little to look different without having to resort to expensive and unnecessary cosmetic surgery.

A different hairstyle, a bit of makeup, and updating a wardrobe can make someone look like a totally different person!

If you want to change your look and hairstyle but do not dare to cut your precious hair, try taking a look at these 16 amazing transformations that will definitely make you want to change your hairdo!

1. Want to change your look? Why not try a new short haircut?

2. A breath of freshness and elegance!


3. A new haircut, a new color, and a new look ... A radical change!

4. A haircut for those who want to change ... but not too much!

5. A uniform haircut that gives a more elegant appearance


6. Even a slightly disheveled look can hit the mark!

7. A short and fashionable coiffure to refresh your look!


8. It takes very little to look ten years younger!

9. A look totally opposite to the previous one!


10. A new hairstyle and a leather jacket can bring out your hidden spirit of rock and roll! YEAH! 🎵🎶

11. Sometimes, it only takes a different color to make the difference!

12. It takes only a few hours to reveal a totally different girl!

13. Curly hair gives that extra touch that makes this hairstyle extra special!

14. Cutting your hair can also offer a solution for unfortunate hair color mistakes!

15. A simple but stylish haircut for a big change!

16. This solution also applies to men who are obviously free to experiment and make radical changes like this!

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