Each to his own taste: but these 15…
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Each to his own taste: but these 15 fashion finds that have left us rather perplexed

February 11, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Not everyone shares the same ideas of fashion and elegance. Maybe we don't pay too much attention to it, but some people feel the need to dress or wear accessories that might seem too extravagant and out of place, but which instead they wear proudly as their own individual style and flaunt to the whole world without being the slightest bit embarrassed. We are completely perplexed by some "fashion" choices, but after all, each to his own taste ...

And who would ever have these bizarre nails done by a beautician? Yet there are those who like them!

A toaster for a shoulder purse? Why not!


A sombrero to help you take a selfie!

If you really want to recycled shoes ....

But are they pantyhose to wear every day or a Carnival costume?


A skirt made of ... men's ties!

image: Reddit

A bag that is part of the spring-summer 2020 collection, without a doubt.


It looks like pizza, but it's not: and who would ever dare to wear this summer hat?

For those who want to fly every day ...


Well-designed boots or jeans? We are perplexed.

Denim slippers made by my mother: luckily I only wear them when I'm home alone!

These Jeans can truly carry everything!

For lovers of furry sneakers!

These nails are a little too showy, don't you think?

image: Reddit

Comfortable slippers with wheels: if you really are in a hurry and have to run!


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