Long nail fashion has just conquered…
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Long nail fashion has just conquered social media ... and is terrorizing thousands of people

September 22, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Since antiquity nails have been used as an ornamental feature and in many cultures, nails had different meanings depending on the length.

Even today, you can see people with their nails adorned in the most improbable and singular ways possible, and in any case, nails represent the character and spirit of the person who wears them.

As in everything, however, there is the risk of sometimes overplaying their "hand", and creating real horrors with excessive proportions and bright colors.

Here is a photo gallery of 10 types of nails that are very much "in vogue" on social networks.

1. These nails should be covered with socks that hide instead of reveal ...

2. The risk of getting stuck with one foot is very high ...


3. The matching style for both hands and feet is truly --- "breath-taking".

4. You have to buy shoes that are two sizes larger so that all the toenails can fit in!

5. How do you wear shoes and especially how do you use your hands?

6. Of course, with these nails, you do not go unnoticed!

7. Was it really necessary to take close-up shots of these artistic toenails?

8. To get nails like these into shoes, you need to patent a new type of shoe ...

9. Nails with an eye-catching color, also very useful if you need to be rescued at sea ...

 10. Using aquamarine green nail polish on such long nails was not a very wise choice ...

Tell the truth, these nails are so extravagant that you actually liked them and, in your heart, you are seriously thinking of being inspired and copying one of the models in this photo gallery! Right? :)


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